I want to share a sacred story (Pataki) with you. It’s of the Yoruba people of southwestern Nigeria.
Olodumare -The Almighty- sent 17 deities known as Orisha to create life in the world. They started
to work and decided they didn’t need Oshun, the goddess of water, purity, fertility, beauty, sexuality
and love. She was the only female among them. Seeing the other Orishas ignored her, she left them.
After she left, the rivers dried out, the plants started dying, and everything the Orishas did was a
They went to Olodumare to find out why everything they did wasn’t working. He explained to them
that it was Oshun who would give life to everything they were creating. He told them that without
her, life was not possible. He sent them to go to her and apologise.
After they did and she agreed, everything started to work out again, and life returned to the world.
In this time, we need to invoke the goddess Orisha by connecting with the feminine energy which
she represents; nurturing and giving love. Understand that there is no other race but the human
race. We have to preserve it by practising tolerance and respect, taking care of the environment and
having compassion.
For more than 2,000 years, patriarchy has made women feet left behind, powerless, inferior and
unworthy. It’s time for us women to reclaim our position not as superiors to men but to work
together in equality.
Without women, life is not possible.

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